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I need to write a small console app (patch) that turns off the print spooler service, does a few things, then starts the print spooler service. I'd like to write this in C#. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!

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It would be easier to just write a script for it. Why C#? –  Jeff Yates May 8 '09 at 18:29
@Jeff Yates, maybe the "few things" need to be programmmatic. –  BobbyShaftoe May 8 '09 at 18:35

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You can probably do that using the ServiceController class :

ServiceController controller = new ServiceController("Spooler");
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Thanks. This was exactly what I needed to complete the task. –  MikeW May 8 '09 at 21:51
Adding a call to controller.WaitForStatus may be useful too. –  billpg Jan 20 '11 at 15:16

I suspect you use the ServiceController class to control (i.e. to stop and start) the service whose name is spooler.

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Patch complete. Thanks. Your input sent me to the right place! –  MikeW May 8 '09 at 21:50

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