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I have installed playapps module locally:

`play install playapps`

and added in application.conf this line (to be able to use playapps:deploy)


Well, after deploying the project in production, I received this error:

Module playapps will not be loaded because /opt/playapps.net/versions/play-1.2.3/modules/playapps-1.4 does not exist

Can you suggest any solution? I cannot install this module on playapps ssh, it says play command not found.

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After having this issue myself I finally set the logging level to info and saw: "Declaring modules in application.conf is deprecated. Use dependencies.yml instead (module.playapps)".

So rather than following the guide and adding:


Instead you should update the dependencies.yml file with:

- play -> playapps 1.4
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I think you have to use play install playappscommand before and include all configuration in you application.conf file refering to the playapps environment.

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