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I'd like to search some string(regex) in bunch of files in VIM. I'd like to have the output looks like the 'occur' does in Emacs. i.e. a seperated buffer open, list the lines which match the search, and will open the file if move the cursor to the line and push Return.

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I usually use :grep pattern *.ext but there are different ways. Fully explained

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There is a occur like plugin for Vim:

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Looks good. However, looks like there is a bug in current version. when you jump to the occur point by pressing button in the occur buffer, the file buffer will lose syntax highlight. Thanks for the information! – Rocky Feb 12 '14 at 9:42
You're welcome. The plugin is rather outdated also. I would use something like Buffersaurus from Jeet's answer, Unite etc instead. – blueyed Feb 12 '14 at 13:55

I've written a couple of plug-ins that wrap :vimgrep and the like, to make the results easier to navigate, show context, etc.

For searching across open/listed buffers, there is Buffersaurus.

For searching across the filesystem, there is Filesearch.

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