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How do I get a list of all the files have haven't been changed in the past year in a repository in CVS?

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We can easily do this using ViewVC (or ViewCVS as it was called formerly). What it does is build a SQL database of all files and their commits (with comments and authors) that you can easily query in many ways.

You can download it from You will have to set up a MySQL server to store the data and have access to the physical repository directory on the CVS server to import your existing repository commits via the cvsdbadmin tool:

cvsdbadmin rebuild /var/lib/cvs

where /var/lib/cvs is your repository location. The database connection info is stored in the ViewVC config file.

Depending on the repository size this might run anywhere from a few seconds to several hours. Once it is finished, you can use regular SQL query tools to find out all sorts of information about your commits - we use it to very quickly generate change logs. Using a CVS loginfo script (also included with ViewVC) we update the database on-the-fly whenever someone commits a file to CVS.

It can also be very helpful if you committed something by accident (see this blog post); as CVS commits are not transactional this can be a tough one to figure out.

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The only way I can think to do this is to get a list of every file changed in the last year (here I use 2008-05-08 as the one year ago date):

cvs history -c -D2008-05-08

and compare against a listing of every file currently in the repository. Those not in the listing generated by cvs history have not been modified in the last year.

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If you have access to the repository, you can do a search to look for files that have a last-modified date of over a year ago. In CVS, each file has a corresponding repository file. (This wouldn't work in Subversion, since the repository is in an opaque format.)

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CVS diff option to show identical files (--report-identical-files) seems broken, at least for me. You can just checkout old version:

cvs co -D "1 year old" proj

And use good old diff to find identical files:

diff --recursive --report-identical-files --brief | grep identical
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