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I use Code::Blocks and C++ . My project should build multiple executables (set of small tools that use shared libraries).

How to set up CB to generate multiple binaries, each with its own main()?

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Take a look into CodeBlock's manuel, specifically chapter 1.8, where it has this workspace example :

A project A contains fundamental functions which are made available to other projects in the form of a library. Now, if the sources of this project are modified, then the library has to be rebuilt. To maintain consistency between a project B which uses the functions and project A which implements the functions, project B has to depend on project A. The necessary information on the dependencies of projects is stored in the relevant workspace, so that each project can be created separately. The usage of dependencies makes it also possible to control the order in which the projects will be generated. The dependencies for projects can be set via the selecting the menu ’Project’ /’Properties’ and then clicking the ’Project’s dependencies’ button.

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