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In my public folder I have a few hundreds of MB of files (some pdf files).

Is there any way when using play playapps:deploy my-project to ignore this folder?

Otherwise I have to wait a lot to upload the entire application each time when I do an update...

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I have received the answer of this from Guillaume Bort.

I will paste it here for the others:). Note, that this solution is available for playapps hosting only.

The storage/data folder is mapped to application/data

So, I can copy files trough SSH in storage/data and they will be available in application/data because of the mapping.

That's a great solution!!!

UPDATE: Of course, you have to define a route for this, eg:

GET     /data/                                  staticDir:data
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You could try storing that stuff on an external service like amazon S3

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Yeah but it's somehow ugly to pay hosting on playapps (my case) and buy another host for space on amazon.... –  Cristian Boariu Dec 7 '11 at 22:25

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