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I have a rich:toolbar in which I have a rich:toolBarGroup located to right. The problem is that the rich:toolBarGroup located to right is not visible anymore when resolution is 1280x1024. Reading the official documentation and searching all over the internet, I didn't find an option to resize rich:toolbar depending on the resolution. And I think maybe this is not the only possible solution. Do you have any idea how the problem can be solved?

<rich:toolBar height="34" itemSeparator="line">
<rich:toolBarGroup id="#{toolbarGroupId}" location="right">
    <h:inputText style="font-size:10px;" id="quickSearch"
        onkeypress="return _quickSearchEntityListKeyPressed(event)"
    <a:commandButton id="quickSearchCmd" value="#{messages.search}"
        action="#{searchBean[searchMethod]}" eventsQueue="queue"
        reRender="entityListForm" image="img/_search18x18.gif"
        style="vertical-align: top"

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I thought of setting the width="1280px" to the rich:toolbar, in case the resolution is 1280x1024. But I must see how I will get information about the resolution. – ratzusca Dec 7 '11 at 9:54

Shouldn't the location="right" attribute be on the rich:toolBarGroup tag instead of the rich:toolBar ? I don't think a RichFaces toolbar has a size by the way, or something like 100% of its parent. So if it overflow your resolution, maybe the problem comes from the parent tag.

And just to say it, I think your code would be cleaner if the Javascript was outside the toobar.


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I am sorry. Indeed, rich:toolBarGroup is the one that has location="right". I edited my post and removed the trouble causing parts. So, the problem remains. – ratzusca Jan 4 '12 at 12:19

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