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I am new to neo4j,I just follow the neo4j official manual: install two instances on one machine ,my environment is ubuntu-11.10.I had success start up the neo4j service and entered the websites http://localhost:7474/webadmin/ .But when I tried to run the "DELETE /db/data/cleandb/secret-key' command in its http console .It returned error 401. Any idea about this?

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Which version of neo4j are you using?

You have to configure two different ports for the two servers. Think you did this.

The clean-db-addon doesn't come out of the box, you have to download it and and copy it in the plugins directory and adjust the neo4j-server.properties config file.

org.neo4j.server.thirdparty.delete.key=<please change secret-key>

Then you can call it for each of your servers with:

curl -X DELETE http://localhost:<port>/cleandb/secret-key
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