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I would like to add my own column names in jqgrid and also i want to prevent the column names that is automatically added by jqgrid according to sql query.

I am using this code to do that, but its also getting the name of columns which i have not declare in the method $grid->setColModel(null, null, $mylabels);

Can anyone please tell me what code i should to write for removing extra added column in jqgrid.

require_once '/var/www/html/zbajtmp/public/jqgrid/jq-config.php';
// include the jqGrid Class
require_once "/var/www/html/zbajtmp/public/jqgrid/php/jqGrid.php";
// include the driver class
require_once "/var/www/html/zbajtmp/public/jqgrid/php/jqGridPdo.php";
// Connection to the server
// Tell the db that we use utf-8
$conn->query("SET NAMES utf8");

// Create the jqGrid instance
$grid = new jqGridRender($conn);
 // Write the SQL Query
//$grid->SelectCommand = 'SELECT OrderID, OrderDate, CustomerID, Freight, ShipName  FROM orders';
$grid->SelectCommand = 'SELECT *  FROM clinic';
// set the ouput format to json
$grid->dataType = 'json';
// Let the grid create the model
$mylabels = array(
"clinic_name"=>"Clinic ame",
"HomePhone"=>"Home Phone",
"WorkPhone"=>"Work Phone",
// Let the grid create the model with the desired labels
$grid->setColModel(null, null, $mylabels);
// Set the url from where we obtain the data
// Set grid caption using the option caption
    "caption"=>"This is my custom Caption...",
"loadtext"=>"<div class='loadingbox'>Please wait. Loading...</div>",


$grid->renderGrid('#grid','#pager',true, null, null, true,true);

$conn = null;   

Thanks a lot.

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1 Answer

You need to explicitly select the columns you want - SELECT * wont work

So you need to change :

$grid->SelectCommand = 'SELECT *  FROM clinic';


$grid->SelectCommand = 'SELECT clinic_name,clinic_address,HomePhone,WorkPhone,Email_Id  FROM clinic'; 
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