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Cystal Reports scenario:

Group1 Location
Group2 Names

Group2 is below the Group1 in heirarichy. I placed Group1 field location in Group2 names. I have seen duplicates of locations.

Sample data:

america  Tom
america  Jim
England  Peterson
England  Anderson

I want data as

america  Tom
England  Peterson

Please provide solution. Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately, the suppress duplicates option only works in the detail section. The simplest approach here would be to conditionally suppress the Group1 field with a condition like {Table.Location} = Previous({Table.Location}) (assuming you have your fields in the group2 header).

EDIT: Since you have your fields in the Group2 footer, I suggest adding a new running total field, to be incremented on change of group2 and reset on change of group1, and conditionally suppress the Group1 field with a condition like {NewRunningTotal} > 0.

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Hi Mark, i have kept fields in Group2 footer because i have running totals for Group2 and all these fields location, names and sum are placed in Group2 footer. I have written a condition as suggested by you but it is not working because currentfieldvalue and previous(object) gives same value(current value). Please let me know other solution –  Chandra Allu Dec 7 '11 at 10:59
@ChandraAllu - See updated answer. –  Mark Bannister Dec 7 '11 at 11:19
Hi Marks, please excuse me if i dont address your first name :). Thanks for your great solution,now its working fine. –  Chandra Allu Dec 7 '11 at 11:43

Assuming that you have the correct group-name field in each group's group-header section, change group header one to 'underlay following section'.

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