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I am working on a pp where I need to open a pdf and read as ebook. I need to create the index which must be having the pages of the pdf. Now I have following doubts: I am not able to figure out how to show the the pages as index(thumbnail).

how to get to the clicked page of pdf? I mean can I open a particular page of the pdf.

Can i also allow user to click on a link in the pdf and play the video?


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Maybe you could take a look at the following code: https://github.com/vfr/Reader

Links in the pdf that point to an external source will be opened in safari as far as I know.

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i have checked that and it solved many of my requirement but I still have a big task of playing a video over click of a link/image in pdf. –  pankaj Dec 7 '11 at 13:31
PSPDFKit supports adding multimedia annotations, just define a rect in your pdf and use a special url like pspdfkit://video.avi it will automatically add a player object on this position. You can defined those regions with Preview.app, and the video can be local or on the web. pspdfkit.com/documentation.html#multimedia –  steipete Dec 27 '11 at 12:00

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