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I am trying to use paging query on Windchill, but always get paging session timeout exeception if a sesssion lasts longer than 30 min. The method PagingSessionHelper.extendTimeout(long sessionID) changes nothing.

PTC Solution says this issue has been addressed in Windchill Solutions 9.1 Maintenance Release M060, but I have the same problem when testing against Windchill 10.

Anybody knows how to make it work?

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2 Answers

Set wt.pom.paging.sessionCleanupTime to a higher value in /db/db.properties

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Thanks, but i cannot change that properties file on our customer's server. –  chance Apr 10 '12 at 7:23
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I believe you can stop the commonschedulequeue temporarily to get the same result as extending the wt.pom.paging.sessionCleanupTime as that queue runs the cleanup.

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