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I am using jQuery expander here http://plugins.learningjquery.com/expander but couldnt find how to add a custom class to the show more/less links.

There are some I would like blue and others I would like black. I tried adding the summaryClass definition but that didnt do anything.

Does anyone have any ideas how to add a custom class to individual links?

I have tried a couple of other expander plugins but this seems the best one I could find.

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You can do this with CSS.

The Expander plugin places a link wrapped in a span with class read-more / read-less. So, some CSS to target that link...

<style type="text/css">
  #one .read-more a, #one .read-less a { color: black; }
  #two .read-more a, #two .read-less a { color: red; }
<div id="one" class="expandable">
   This expandable div will have a black [...]
<div id="two" class="expandable">
   This expandable div will have a red [...]

Hope this helps!

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Perfecto! Thanks –  puks1978 Dec 7 '11 at 10:18

There are actually two links added by the plugin:

  • One with class .read-less
  • One with class .read-more

What you can do is add a specific css class in the container and play with css selectors to customize the look-n-feel of thoses links:

   <li class="myclass">
       <span class="read-more"></span>
       <span class="details">
           <span class="read-less"></span>

And the css:

   .myclass .read-more { /* my styles... */ }
   .myclass .read-less{ /* my styles... */ }
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