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Im a great fan of resharper, and used to use the stylecop for resharper plugin a while back. I wanted to use it again today but the stylecop for resharper codeplex site says that stylecop for resharper is now integrated into stylecop.

So I installed stylecop (4.6), but my resharper (5.1) appears to be unchanged. I particularly liked using the code formatting settings that were included in the stylecop for resharper package (I think the file was 'StyleCopCodeStyle.xml', which could be used in the resharper options to set the code formatting and cleanup behaviour) - this xml file is now gone.

Am I missing something. Theres zero doumentation about this stylecop/resharper marriage, and I clueless as to what I am actually getting

Can anyone shed some light on this ?

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On the StyleCop project home page, it is quite clearly states that StyleCop 4.5 is the version that is compatible with Resharper 5.1.

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Yup, that was it - now I feel stupid –  Dean Chalk Dec 7 '11 at 14:46
I don't get any stylecop settings in resharper, there's no mention of getting resharper to play nice with stylecop anywhere - I'd say you've asked a sensible question!!! –  iwayneo Dec 10 at 14:47

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