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Is it possible to add an image (pdf print) to grid column with on click javascript action? Like:


but with img html element.

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The easiest would be:

    ->setTemplate('<a href="'.
        '?id=<?$id?>"><img src="printicon.png"></a>');

Alternative approach is to define your own formatter. I'm also showing how you can add a global javascript handler to a column but still pass the "id" of record clicked.

function format_pdfbutton($column){
        '<img src="printicon.png" class="print_'.$column.'"/>';
function init_pdfbutton($column){
    $this->js('click')->selector('.print_'.$column)->frameURL('Print Frame',


I haven't tested the code above, but you can also look at "Grid" source and how regular buttons are defined (Grid::format_button, Grid::init_button).

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