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I'm developing a Facebook canvas application in rails 3.1 and using the latest Facebook graph API.

In anchor tags, when I give the href='/something' it's working nice when I navigate in same browser tab. The link is pointing to my host URL like host_url/something host_url contains HTTP as well , but when I open this anchor in a new tab using right click of mouse and chose to open in new tab it open the URL http://host_url/something and not in Facebook canvas.

I also change the anchor href with when I click this link nothing is displayed and request is no coming to my host. When I open this URL in new browser tab it works fine.

Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong?

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You're not doing anything wrong - if you're using relative links that's what will happen, because the app content is loaded in an iframe

Change your links to be absolute URLs including the[namespace] prefix if you want them to always link to the canvas app when opened in a new window

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