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Below is the task i have to complete in a few weeks, my question is does anyone know of any tutorials or books which will be of use to me? I also only have little knowledge of C#.

You will design the relevant code in ASP.NET and C# so that you can deploy a web role on Azure that can:

a) read in a zip file from input on the web page

b) uncompress the zip file which will have an executable, an arbitrary list of arguments and data files

c) run the executable with the arguments (and hence read in the data files). d) store the output logs for access later.

You will test this by running a piece of code that reads in a set of arguments which correspond to test files.

The executable will then read in the text files and then print them out.

You will also have to design an appropriate UML to explain how the different classes you have written interact.

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Is this homework, if so you should mark it with the homework task. I don't think it is asking you to write code to DEPLOY using c#, i think it is asking you to write code is asp.n net and c# that can do a b and c and be deployed as an azure web role. –  Ben Robinson Dec 7 '11 at 10:33

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You can deploy your service/role to Azure using Service Management API. Write a module which does the deployment and call this in your web.

Check these links that may help you.
Deploying An Azure Application
Publish Azure WebRole using Installer (like WIX)
About the Service Management API

The Windows Azure Accelerator for Web Roles makes it quick and easy for you to deploy one or more websites across multiple Web Role instances using Web Deploy. The accelerator includes a Visual Studio project template that creates a Windows Azure web role to host one or more websites.

Azure Tutorial; Be in cloud (Part 3) [Web Role]
Windows Azure and SQL Azure Tutorials - Tutorial 1: Using Windows Azure Web Role and Windows Azure Table Service

Check Azure in Action Book and it's content.

Hope these help you to get an idea that you want to implement.

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That's hard homework: Upload a zip file to a cloud based server and run the .exe. Interesting...

Anyway, the Azure SDK is a great place to start. Also scan through Smarx's Cloud Cover shows. They cover pretty much everything.

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