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I want to map some values(a list of lists) to some keys(a list) in a python dictionary. I read Map two lists into a dictionary in Python

and figured I could do that this way :

headers = ['name', 'surname', 'city']
values = [
    ['charles', 'rooth', 'kentucky'], 
    ['william', 'jones', 'texas'], 
    ['john', 'frith', 'los angeles']
data = []

for entries in values:
    data.append(dict(itertools.izip(headers, entries)))

But I was just wondering is there is a nicer way to go?


PS: I'm on python 2.6.7

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It's already really nice...

data = [dict(itertools.izip(headers, entries) for entries in values]
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from functools import partial
from itertools import izip, imap
data = map(dict, imap(partial(izip, headers), values))
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+1. If values has many items, this can be faster than the list comprehension I posted. – unutbu Dec 7 '11 at 11:36

You could use a list comprehension:

data = [dict(itertools.izip(headers, entries)) for entries in values]
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