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I am trying to publish a post on the user news feed with the users current location.

According to the documentation on 'Post' I need to add the location information to the 'place' attribute.

But is seems it is associated with an already defined 'place'. My requirement is to just push the lat / long info to dsiplay the city. Is this possible with the current graph API ?

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Hi, are you still looking for a solution? – DMCS Feb 14 '12 at 0:00

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Currently there is no public API to push a new place info, you can only pass existing "places".

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You could begin by finding the name of the current city and country by inspecting some nearby places:

Then you can try to find the Place ID of that city:
/search?type=place&center=LAT,LONG&q=CITY, COUNTRY&limit=1

(You may have to add the state field for countries that use that division.)

Now you have a Place ID to use for your post.

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