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I am very new to FaceBook Javascript API. I need help to get the fiends list according to the Friend List i have created. Like 'Grads, School, Friends, Worked with' (All of these are self created).

This is so far I have done right now. I am successfully logged in and have proper access_token allocated to this session. After that I run this.

    FB.login(function(response) {
        if( response.session ){
            *FB.api('friendlist', '/me/friendlists', function(){
                **alert('got the friendlist');
            alert('User not logged in.');
    },{scope: 'email,read_friendlists'});

On this code

* this runs OK without any exceptions?

** this alert never invokes?

Just want to ask few things.

Is there a proper way to see the exception. If we have a callback for exception as well?

and How to get the List of FriendList from FB using JS API.


Talha Ahmed khan

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Facebook Returns and Object which you can't alert – Mohit Bumb Dec 7 '11 at 11:54
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I've tried this and it seems to work

 <div id="listsDiv"></div>

 var listsDiv = document.getElementById('listsDiv');
 FB.getLoginStatus(function(response) {
 if (response.status != 'connected') {
 listsDiv.innerHTML = '<em>You are not connected</em>';


 var perms = function(){
 FB.api('/me/friendlists', function(result) {

 var markup = '';
 var lists =;
 for(var i in lists){
   markup += lists[i].name +'<br />';
 listsDiv .innerHTML = markup;
 FB.login(perms, { scope: 'read_friendlists' });

You can test a lot of this stuff out at

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According to the documentation, FB.api returns a response object which you can use to debug the error.

revised code:

FB.login(function(response) {
        if( response.session ){
            FB.api('friendlist', '/me/friendlists', function(response){
            alert('User not logged in.');
    },{scope: 'email,read_friendlists'});

if you want to see what properties are on 'response', you could use something like firebug or chrome's debug console and instead of:


you could use

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