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I want to serialise an object into JSON send it across the wire via rabbitmq and then deserialize it.

I have the following object that I am serialising:

lead = = 'some company'

operation = proc{ AMQP::Exchange.default.publish(
                                :routing_key => header.reply_to,
                                :correlation_id => header.correlation_id

On the other side, I am trying to descerialise the object like this:

callback_queue.subscribe do |header, body|
  puts "received #{body.inspect}"

  lead = ActiveSupport::JSON.decode body

  puts #NoMethodError: undefined method `company' for #<Array:0x6fe03f3b>

The json is strangely an array of 3 hashes and looks like this.


Can anyone see anything I am doing wrong?

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my problem is that I cannot decode the object. I don't understand why the object does not decode properly. – dagda1 Dec 7 '11 at 15:06

I'm using the same aproach more or less, and works correctly in my side. Probably you are sending a incorrect message (serialization problem). With new rabbitmq you can inspect the message in the rabbit web console.

You could try to print to_json before.

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thank you for the heads up. It is reassuring to know it should work and the problem is at my end. – dagda1 Mar 5 '12 at 16:05

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