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I wrote a small message and I posted to facebook wall. When I try to view this post message using the following code to search post messages:

public Connection<Post> searchMessages() {
    Connection<Post> messages = publicFbClient.fetchConnection("search",
            Parameter.with("q", "Testing"),
            Parameter.with("limit", "100"),
            Parameter.with("type", "post"));

I don't see the message(s) immediately after posting, but are seen after a little while. Is there a delay in fetching FB messages, if so how much OR is there a problem with my query being issued from a certain timezone?

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1000's of messages waiting to get served i.e. to get displayed. So some delay is bound to happen. Similar behavior as SO where after posting your question, there is a delay when it appears to everyone.

So this does not depend on the time zone but on the load on the servers..

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I am observing considerable amount of delay (more than 30-45 minutes), would that be the case here? I wouldn't mind if its within few minutes. – diya Dec 7 '11 at 11:59
I think that would be dependent on how efficient your search method is... If your search is trying to search a pin in a haybarn, it would definitely take considerable time!! – Vicky Dec 7 '11 at 12:07

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