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I have some divs with similar content and links, images etc request extended jQuery-functions.

The divs have unique id's but their content have similar fields and structure.

For example, the HTML is:

 <div id="bar1">
   <some xhtml><input type="textbox" class="searchTxt" />
   <some xhtml><img class="notify" src="blank.gif" />
 <div id="bar2">
   <some xhtml><input type="textbox" class="searchTxt" />
   <some xhtml><img class="notify" src="blank.gif" />


And the jQuery:

$('.searchTxt').click(function(obj) {
    //now here I want to know which searchTxt that was clicked,
    //so I can change the img-source..
    //without parent().parent() that may fail since div-content may vary.

It's partly a poor example, since the jQuery doesn't modify anyting, and this is always available..
Imagine an image in both divs that should be hidden by the click-function.
Example updated.

What's the right path here?

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Give all the top level divs the same class and call $(this).closest('.theClass').prop('id'). –  Felix Kling Dec 7 '11 at 12:13
Do not forget to approve the response that best suit you. Thank you. –  Cesar Dec 7 '11 at 13:10

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You can use closest() with a selector:

$('.searchTxt').click(function(obj) {

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/AndyE/bR3xv/1/

Alternatively, you could add the event handler to the <div> element and allow the events to propagate to it. event.target would refer to the text element and this would refer to the div:

$('div[id^="bar"]').click(function (evt) {
    if (evt.target.className == "searchTxt")

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/AndyE/bR3xv/

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Use $(this) for textbox and $(this).parents("div") to find the parent div.


$(".searchTxt").click(function() {
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You can use the closest function to get to the enclosing <div> element.


This however has a problem when the input is contained within another div in the actual div that you want to locate. To prevent this, you can add a class to ensure that you get to the correct one.

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