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I am trying to compile my code in vs2005. I am using std::map and boost::shared_ptr (v1.47.0) My code looks something like this

struct B {
    int a;
typedef boost::shared_ptr<B> K;

std::map<const std::string, K > mymap;

//some code

std::map<const std::string, K >::iterator it;
for (it = mymap.begin(); it < mymap.end(); it++ )
     //do something

The compiler is giving an error at the for statement. The following is the error

error C2784: 'bool boost::operator <(const boost::intrusive_ptr &,const boost::intrusive_ptr &)' : could not deduce template argument for 'const boost::intrusive_ptr &' from 'std::_Tree<_Traits>::iterator'.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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You are using the wrong operator for the checking against mymap.end(). Change the loop to

for (it = mymap.begin(); it != mymap.end(); it++ )
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