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I am new to jquery mobile concept. I am using the web view instead of phone gap for displaying the html file(jquery mobile). is it better way or any disadvantages when i am using the web view. please can anybody help me.


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Using a webview only permits you to access objects and events available to Javascript; no access to main hardware features, such as GPS or Bluetooth (unless you write a translation layer between your Java and Javascript - at which point, you might as well use PhoneGap). PhoneGap exposes your device's hardware to the javascript layer. If you only want to display a webpage or web app, a webview is enough, otherwise I'd go with PhoneGap.

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is it possible to access the sqlite(Local data base) using the web view? –  naresh Dec 7 '11 at 12:41
yes, but I'd test on a couple of platforms first. Android more or less supports the HTML5 specs, and so you should be able to use the sqlite db objects available to you via HTML5. –  ajacian81 Dec 9 '11 at 22:23

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