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I got a problem with QWebPage::loadFinished (bool) signal , it calls back twice , is that normal ? ( there's no link following at all , e.g HTTP status 302 )

Consider the following code , the whole thing may cause problem , is trying to load another link within that slot , will this be a problem ?

If i do a qDebug() << thisUrl; each time in loadFinished(bool) slot , i could see it for 3 times , is that normal , one for url XXX , and two for url YYY , and the last two links are exactly the same.

class Dummy
            page = new QWebPage(this);  
            connect (page , SIGNAL(loadFinished(bool)) , SLOT(loadFinished(bool)));
            page->mainFrame()->load ("XXX");

        QWebPage *page;

    private slots:
        void loadFinished (bool ok)
            if ( ! ok ) return;

            const QString & thisUrl = page->mainFrame()->url().toString();

            if ( thisUrl matches XXX )
                // parse reply message of url XXX
                page->mainFrame()->load ("YYY");

            if ( thisUrl matches YYY )
                // parse reply message of url YYY
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im seeing this too with qt 4.7.4 (with phantomjs). i used the frame's loadFinished instead of the page's and it isn't sent twice.

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the problem is solved , and i'm not getting why –  warl0ck Dec 10 '11 at 7:25
i dont really know and i dont really have the inclination to go inside the Qt code to find out why. maybe you could file a bug report? –  Jess Balint Dec 16 '11 at 2:31

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