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is there any way how to covert PDF to HTML? I need a text from the file and when I tried PDFtoText library, I got the text, but unsorted and without any rules for parsing. I noticed, that some PDFtoHTML online services works great with the file. So, any tips please? Here is the PDF file and I need only one specific row in the right column.

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You should try this answer: stackoverflow.com/a/2249962/765854 and only take the portion that you care about. –  RakeshS Dec 7 '11 at 12:54

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Try integrating the PDFtoHTML from the poppler project; that should support table recognition.

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pdftohtml works fine : fast, stable but the html result is ugly at best. I have used it for quite some time for a web site that has many job resumes.

It is a good solution for extracting textual content however.

I would give the scribd API a try


or the google apps document API. GOogle does a great job a displaying and converting pdf files

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Source : stackoverflow.com/questions/956508/convert-pdf-to-html –  Mohit Bumb Dec 7 '11 at 12:56

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