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I got a one dimensional array of strings in java, in which i want to change all strings to lowercase, to afterwards compare it to the original array so i can have the program check whether there are no uppercase chars in my strings/array.

i've tried using x.toLowercase but that only works on single strings. Is there a way for me to convert the whole string to lowercase?

Kind regards, Brand

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"Java" and not "JavaScript", right..? You might want to double-check your tags. – buruzaemon Dec 7 '11 at 13:13
what you mean by "works on single strings" and "convert the whole string to lowercase". – Sai Kalyan Kumar Akshinthala Dec 7 '11 at 13:15
Yep, there's a way to do this -- it's called a "loop". – Hot Licks Dec 7 '11 at 13:16
You should loop over all strings in array, and convert each string into lowercase. I think, that there is no separate method for that. – Alex K. Dec 7 '11 at 13:17
shite, youre right about the tags, my bad, sorry for that. – Rdhao Dec 7 '11 at 13:31

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If you want a short example, you could do the following

String[] array = ...
String asString = Arrays.toString(array);
   // no upper case characters.
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Eventually i went with a method similar to this one, thanks for all the help everyone – Rdhao Dec 12 '11 at 10:14

Two steps are needed:

  1. Iterate over the array of Strings
  2. Convert each one to lower case.
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This will make it tricky to afterwards compare it to the original array. ;) – Peter Lawrey Dec 7 '11 at 13:32

There's no easy way to invoke a method on every element of a collection in Java; you'd need to manually create a new array of the correct size, walk through the elements in your original array and sequentially add their lowercased analogue to the new array.

However, given what you're specifically trying to do, you don't need to compare the whole array at once to do this, and incur the cost of copying everything. You can simply iterate through the array - if you find an element which is not equal to its lowercase version, you can return false. If you reach the end of the array without finding any such element, you can return true.

This would in fact be more efficient, since:

  • you get to short-circuit further evaluation if you find an element that does have uppercase characters. (Imagine the case where the first element of a million-string array has an uppercase; you've just saved on a million calls to lowercase()).
  • You don't have to allocate memory for the whole extra array that you won't be using beyond the comparison.
  • Even in the best case scenario, your proposed scenario would involve one iteration through the array to get the lowercase versions, then another iteration through the array to implement the equals. Doing both in a single iteration is likely to be more efficient even without the possibility of short-circuiting.
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Thank you for your time, your answer was extremely helpful – Rdhao Dec 12 '11 at 10:15

Just two line

     String[] array = {"One", "Two"};
    for(int i=0;i<array.length;i++){
            System.out.println("It contains uppercase char");
        array[i] = array[i].toLowerCase();
    for(int i=0;i<array.length;i++)


It contains uppercase char
It contains uppercase char
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That will neither compile nor work. – Michael Borgwardt Dec 7 '11 at 13:24
updated the code.. this is just working fine. – dku.rajkumar Dec 7 '11 at 13:30
This doesn't check if any of the original strings contained upper case characters. – Peter Lawrey Dec 7 '11 at 13:32
@dku.rajkumar: yes, now it does, but Rdhao wants to compare the uppercase version with the original one, so simply replacing it is not useful. – Michael Borgwardt Dec 7 '11 at 13:32
@Michael I hope it does now :) – dku.rajkumar Dec 7 '11 at 14:34

you can convert the array of strings to single string and then convert it into lower case and please follow the sample code below

public class Test {

public static void main(String[] args) {
    String s[]={"firsT ","seCond ","THird "};
    String str = " ";
      for (int i = 0; i < s.length; i++) {
      str = str + s[i];


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import java.util.*;

public class WhatEver {

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    List <String> list = new ArrayList();

    String[] x = {"APPLe", "BaLL", "CaT"};
    for (String a : x) {
    x = list.toArray(new String[list.size()]);
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