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I am going to use a framework from codeproject.com, there are a .dll file and .xml file with the package. I added the dll file to my project using Add Reference... and browing for it's location. It got added to references, and I can point to it in my code by using ....

I have 2 questions:

  1. There is a XML file in the package that seems to be comments for methods and stuff like that. how can I use this? (So when I type a method name from that framework its description pop up?)

  2. How can I make sure that when building an install for my project, the dll file will be included there?

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  1. The XML file containing IntelliSense data should be placed in the same location as the DLL you're using.
  2. Select the DLL in your Solution Explorer and open its Properties. Set Copy Local to True
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Do you mean I have to manually copy both dll and xml file to my reference folder in the project directiory? – Saeid Yazdani Dec 7 '11 at 13:52
No, just make sure the XML is in the same folder as the DLL you are referencing. – snurre Dec 7 '11 at 14:09
  1. After adding a reference to a dll with xml documentation attached, it will be cached and shown to you by Visual Studio's IntelliSense

  2. Set referenced dll property Copy Local=true to make sure it will be always copied to your project output folder

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The XML file is documentation file of the dll library. Add reference that dll in your solution with copy local option.

you simply drop it in the same folder as the dll.

Your question is somewhat same as this one How to use XML documentation files

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