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I am trying to match some Java code that has mismatched strings in it. For example, I have the following block of code that I want to match:

protected String methodName(String args[]) {

    final String METHOD = "wrongMethodName";


And the following block of code I don't want to match

protected String methodName(String args[]) {

    final String METHOD = "methodName";


Right now, I have the following (not working) regular expression, which requires DOTALL enabled:

(\w+?)\(.*?\) ?{.*?METHOD *= *".*?";

If I try negative look behind with the capture group, the regex doesn't compile because the size of the look behind isn't known before hand.

    Look-behind group does not have an obvious maximum length near index 39

Is there a way I can use the capture group in this regex to say I want to match strings that don't match the capture group?

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Why not just match "final String METHOD = \\"\\p{L}*\\";" Can you be more specific what you wanna match. Do you know what the wrong and correct method name strings are? – U Mad Dec 7 '11 at 14:10
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I think you can use a negative lookahead instead (if I understood your problem correctly), try:

(\b\w+?\b)\(.*?\) ?{.*?METHOD *= *"(?!\1).*?"

See it here on Regexr

I used also word boundaries in the first group, otherwise it just starts matching at the second letter.

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