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<ul id = "Software">
   <li id = "pdf1"> <img src="/Content/img/pdf.png">Catalogue</li>
   <li id = "pdf2"> <img src="/Content/img/pdf.png">Manual Data</li>
   <li id = "pdf3"> <img src="/Content/img/pdf.png">Technical Data</li>
   <li id = "software1">Software</li>

The text in the list elements is appearing at the bottom. How to center it alongside the image?

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li img { vertical-align: middle; }
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Demo jsBin

  ul li{
  li img{

You need to set a height and same line-height for your li element;
for the containing images - set float : left

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+1 but do you need position: relative? – ramblex Dec 7 '11 at 14:31

Set the same height and line-height. This will do the trick.

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I think you are looking for vertical-align.

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To align text and image, you can use margin-bottom:-5px on image element, the number depends on the size of your image.

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