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I'm receiving the following error in the simulator:

ImageIO: <ERROR>  CGImageReadSessionGetCachedImageBlockData ***
CGImageReadSessionGetCachedImageBlockData: readSession [0x6b78af0] has bad
readRef [0x6b7a460]

I'm using the OpenFlow library. I didn't have any bad experience until now. Now, I don't know why I have this. Do you have any idea?

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My PNG's contained some transparent parts and I think this caused the problem, because after removing these parts the error disappeared. Maybe I had some error in my PNG files, because transparency should be supported.

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I saw another thread that said these are some Simulator problem. I get them when rendering jpg using an CGImageSource in a thread - which I believe others have noticed too.

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Bad news - getting these (and a crash) when doing the above on an iPad 1 :-( –  David H Mar 23 '12 at 15:35

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