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I'm trying to bind a boost asio tcp socket to a local network interface specifically. When is the correct time to call the bind() method on the socket?

_endpoint points to the remote ip/port, e.g.

// Invoke async. connect. Immediate return, no throw.
boost::bind(&MyTransceiver::handleConnect, this,

Within MyTransceiver::handleConenct(), I tried the following code:

boost::asio::ip::tcp::endpoint local_end_point(
        boost::asio::ip::address::from_string(""), 6543 );


Calling it here fails, calling it before the async_connect() call also, with a "invalid handle" exception.

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Looks like there isn't enough information. But generally, you should:





in handleConnect(): _socket->async_read_some()

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Shawnone, I don't call open() or set_option() at all on the socket. Is this called implicite by async_connect()? –  PMiller Dec 7 '11 at 15:30
async_connect() opens the socket if not yet oppened. Opening, binding works great. Thanks! –  PMiller Dec 7 '11 at 15:38

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