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I've got a Fancybox (2) whose content is an <embed src='some_pdf.pdf'/>, i.e.

var embed = $("<embed></embed>"),
    pdf_url = "http://mysite.science.uottawa.ca/rsmith43/Zombies.pdf";

embed.attr('src', pdf_url);


Here it is on jsFiddle.

I'd like the Fancybox to automatically resize the width to the size of the PDF (which, I should note, may vary because the PDF contains landscape or portrait pages), and about 90% the height of the window.

Unfortunately the best I've come up with so far is a hard-coded width, and setting the embed height, i.e.

embed.attr('width', '900');
embed.attr('height', parseInt($(window).height() * 0.9, 10));

I'd be grateful for any thoughts on how one might resize a Fancybox to the size of a PDF included with <embed>.

I'm using Chrome 15, and ideally I'd like a solution that works across recent versions of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Thank you for reading.

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hmm didn't know you could properly embed PDFs... have you tested this in all browsers? –  Jakub Dec 7 '11 at 14:37
@Jakub: it works in the browsers we're using. :) –  Brian M. Hunt Dec 7 '11 at 15:10

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When Fancybox is unable to calculate the size of the coming content (most likely will happen with object elements) then it uses its minWidth and minHeight default settings.

Try passing the right <embed> tag attributes like:

var embed = $("<embed></embed>"),
pdf_url = "http://mysite.science.uottawa.ca/rsmith43/Zombies.pdf";

embed.attr('src', pdf_url);
embed.attr('width', '100%');
embed.attr('height', '100%');
embed.attr('type', 'application/pdf');

and tell fancybox not to use its autoSize settings so it will take the values coming from the <embed> width and height attributes like:

autoSize: false

That will do the trick and will resize the PDF viewer to the viewport.

NOTE: If you are using HTML5 <!DOCTYPE html>, I would recommend you to set the height just to 99% like:

embed.attr('height', '99%');

to avoid a double vertical scroll bar in your PDF viewer. This is because the way HTML5 initializes margins.

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