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My goal is to create a simple forum from scratch in ASP.net MVC. Why? Because I want to learn how to.

Also relatively new to ASP.net MVC I would like to do the following. I have a messageRepository which communicates to my message table in my DB.

I have function here called named

public IQueryable<Message> FindAllMessages()
        return db.Messages;

Now I also want to create an overload function which takes a message id as a parameter and then returns a list of all messages containing this parameter. sort of like this.

public IQueryable<Message> FindAllMessages(int id)
        //take the id here and make it so that it returns a list 
        //with all messages containing this id 
        return db.Messages;

So my question : Does anyone know how to do this?

Also if you think my approach is wrong please tell me.


Ok I made some changes so right now I'm using a linq statement to fill a message variable like so

  public IQueryable<Message> FindAllMessages(int id)
        var messages = from p in db.Messages
                       where p.ThreadReplyID == id
                       select p;
        return messages;

Which is roughly what I asked for.
So my solution I'm giving all my threadReplyIDs the same id as my ThreadID.

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What is the id parameter? If it the primary key then each message will have a unique ID value. Also are you using Entity framework? With EF you can easily do a find via

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No my primary key is on a field called threadid. This id corresponds to the message id which also increments but is able to have duplicates because the possibility of a forummessage with the necessary replies. All replies and the forummessage in this case would have the same messageid. thanks for the quick reply btw – – Shinji Dec 7 '11 at 16:12
On hindsight my naming convention of messageid is bad. So I decided to rename it for now to threadReplyID. – Shinji Dec 7 '11 at 16:14

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