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The following array is specified. These values are booleans in a mysql database. They represent facilities of one row:






How can I display these on the page of a specific record? (delimited by comma, except for the last one)

---------update-------------- @Chris To be as precise as I can.. I mean that e.g. $facilitiesgroup1[1]="Red" element is represented in a mysql table by 'facilitiesgroup1_1' field, and when it is checked (true), than that property (record) has this facility (Red).

That's what I would like to display in the individual property page after executing a query in a grouped list, like:

<p><strong>Facilities-Group-1:</strong><br />
echo implode($facilitiesgroup1,', ');?>
<br />
<p><strong>Facilities-Group-2:</strong><br />
echo implode($facilitiesgroup2,', ');?>

Of course the above code alone doesn't do the job, beacuse it lists all facilities defined in the array, regardless of what is checked in that row of the database.

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First off, the values aren't boolean, they're strings.

Second, if you can prevent them from being in two different arrays, it will be cleaner and easier to work with:

$facilitiesgroups[] = array (
$facilitiesgroups[] = array (

Then, you can use something like this (to make each array comma-delimited with a new line in between,. like CSV):

function make_csv_row(&$item) {
    $item = implode(',', $item);
array_walk($facilitiesgroups, 'make_csv_row');
implode("\n", $facilitiesgroups);

Otherwise, as demonstrated above, just use implode:

echo implode(',', facilitiesgroup1);
echo implode(',', facilitiesgroup2);


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OK, thanks, implode works well. But what if every element of an array is bound to a mysql field (true/false), and I would like to display array elements which are checked, according to a query? (Sorry for having been not accurate, I'm not so good even in questioning php issues, since I'm just trying to convert an asp site to php) @Aurelio –  Yaelede Dec 7 '11 at 17:00
I am still not understanding how the database part factors in here. –  Chris Baker Dec 7 '11 at 19:22
echo implode(",",$facilitiesgroup1)
echo implode(",",$facilitiesgroup2)
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Use implode, like:

$list = implode(",", $yourArray);
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Use implode function:

$string = implode(',', $facilitiesgroup1);
echo $string; // Red,Black,White,Green
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