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We are working on a student project at our uni and we have to work with Plone and Dexterity content types.

We created a custom content type and are now trying to create a custom edit form for it. However, we don't seem be able to save anything we enter on the edit form to the Object itself.

<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en"

<metal:main fill-slot="main">
    <metal:main define-macro="main"
       tal:define="currentSelection view/selected_org_unit">

    <div tal:replace="structure provider:plone.abovecontenttitle" />

    <h1 class="documentFirstHeading" tal:content="context/title" />

    <div tal:replace="structure provider:plone.belowcontenttitle" />

    <p class="documentDescription" tal:content="context/shortname" />

    <div tal:replace="structure provider:plone.abovecontentbody" />

    <div tal:content="structure context/projectnr" />        
    <fieldset style="border:1px #000 solid">

        <select name="org_unit" size="1">
            <option value="">Bitte auswählen</option>
                    tal:repeat="code view/org_units"
                    tal:attributes="value code;
                                            selected python:currentSelection == code and 'selected' or None"

    <div tal:content="structure context/org_unit" />
    <div tal:content="structure context/project_head" />
    <div tal:content="structure context/confidential" />

    <input id="form-buttons-save" 
    name="" class="submit-widget button-field context" value="Save" type="submit" />        
    <div tal:replace="structure provider:plone.belowcontentbody" />
    <div metal:use-macro="context/batch_macros/macros/navigation" />


Thanks in advance for any help you can offer and I will gladly upload any relevant code.

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Can you provide a bit of code of your edit form so we can see what you did already? – Giacomo Spettoli Dec 7 '11 at 16:25

Are you registering the edit form?

class EditForm(dexterity.EditForm):

Take a look at Custom add and edit forms for more information.

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Yes, we are doing that. – MarkZ Dec 8 '11 at 8:45

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