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I'm using VirtualBox to set up a windows 2008 server. I'd like to add a shared folder, but am running into problems.

Running this in DOS works:

net use t: \\vboxsrv\v-root

But in Cygwin:

$ net use t: "\\vboxsrv\v-root"
System error 53 has occurred.

The network path was not found.

I've also tried these:

$ net use t: \\vboxsrv\v-root
$ net use t: \\\\vboxsrv\\v-root

And I've tried creating a bat script containing the working DOS command, and executing it from cygwin. They all fail with the same error.

I need to do it through Cygwin, because I access the system via SSH, and land in a Cygwin environment. If there is any way to "break out" of cygwin temporarily from within Cygwin, that might be a way to go..

What am I missing?

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Probably better on superuser. –  smparkes Dec 7 '11 at 15:55

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Create a folder somewhere, like:

$> mkdir -p /mnt/t

Now you can us the mount program in cygwin, like so:

$> mount \\vboxsrv\v-root /mnt/t

Easy as 1,2,3 :-)

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The Windows root path is typically found somehwere under /cygdrive/. Try something like

$ net use t: /cygdrive/c/vboxsrv/v-root
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For this error,

!) Give full rights to Shared folder at Host side using "sudo chmod 777 -R /home/username/Shared" (Shared is a folder name which we have to be shared.)

!!) Open Guest in Virtualbox, before accessing shared folder.: "Install Guest Additions" From Menu

!!!) Click START, Right click on Computer , Select "Map Network Drive"

!V) In that select any drive and bellow that type folder "\Yourhostipaddress\Shared". Bellow that select "connect with credential" (Yourhostipaddress is a HOST IP ADDRESS and Shared is Shared folder name at host side. )

V) Click On connect button. It will ask you host username and password.

 Put **USERNAME** Properly like "**XXXXXXXX-PC**".

V!) It will map with shared drive successfully !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If still getting error, Put comments bellow this.

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