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I want to know how to display percentage of the graphics card ability upon tasks being sent to the card. Like a Gnome's system monitor.

Moreover, how to obtain device parameters to calculate a percentage based on its hardware specs

How does nvidia-smi -a get utilization? Is there an Cuda API to ask the card for this information?

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Process Hacker does this (this is only for Windows), but it's not CUDA-specific.

I know it uses some undocumented functions -- take a look at the plugin's source code to find out how.

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Note that this appears to only work on Windows 7+ according to the source-code. Either way, the undocumented function would be "D3DKMTQueryStatistics" from GDI32.dll and you'd need to get your hands on d3dkmt.h (google it) for structure definitions. – Jasper Bekkers Dec 8 '11 at 15:08

What you want to do is not done in CUDA. For a percentage output of the utilization handles by a specific cuda device you have to ask the GPU driver like nvidia-smi does.

EDIT: After a little google search i found open-hardware-monitor It is written in C# and shows a way to get the utilization of AMD and nVidia cards on windows systems. The implementation for AMD cards works on linux and windows.

I've looked a bit inside the code. Look at the NVAPI.cs file to see how open-hardware-monitor uses the nvidia dlls on windows to get all sensor and load data.

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How do I do that Kronos? – stackoverflow Dec 13 '11 at 14:55

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