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I would like to draw a round pie in a rectangle figure. At the moment I'm using something like:

    fig = plt.figure( figsize = figsize, dpi=inch)

    # plot actually
    ax = fig.add_subplot( 1, 1, 1 )
    ax.pie( value_list, labels = labels_list, **kwargs )

    plt.savefig( plt_pathname )

If the figsize is not square ( eg. [4, 4]) then the resulting figure will be stretched, elipsoid. Can I overcome this issue. Thanks in advance

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Just use ax.set_aspect(1) or ax.axis('equal'). (Or plt.axis('equal'))

ax.axis('equal') will also set the x and y limits to be the same, as well as setting the aspect of the plot to 1. In your case, that's probably the best option.

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