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I want to know the best approach for updating an application. The way I know is to replace the .exe files in your application file with the new updated one. But I wonder how different applications do this while they are running and updates are downloaded from internet.

Any help please?


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You can't replace a program while it is running. You have to stop it, install the new version and then restart it. –  Olivier Jacot-Descombes Dec 7 '11 at 16:20

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You need a separate process to search for udpates and replace the old exe file with the new one. As far as I know in Windows you can't modify an exe file which is being executed (in Linux you can).

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You would need a second application (Updater) that can close the running application, execute the installer (or copy over the new files for the new version) and then re-launch the application once the update is complete.

This related question offers more details as to how to do this.

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