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i get those errors when i try to compile a simple AVL tree program :

no matching function for call to A::max(A*&, A*&)
candidates are: int A::max(A&, A&)
request for member 'levels' in 'b', wich is of non-class type 'A*' 

Here is the method that cause the problems :

void A::simpleLeftRotation(A & tree){
   A* b = tree.leftNode;
   tree.leftNode = b->RightNode;
   b->rightNode = &tree;
   tree.levels = 1 + max(tree.leftNode, tree.rightNode); // Problem 1
   b.levels = 1 + max(b.rightNode, tree); // Problem 2
   tree = b;       

And here are my class Members :

A* righNode;
A* leftNode;
int levels;
int element;

In the line :

b.levels = 1 + max(b.rightNode, tree);

if i use the -> insted of the point operator i get :

no matching function for call to A::max(A*&, A&)
candidates are: int A::max(A&, A&)

I dont know what i am doing wrong.
Thank you.

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Thank you every one. Mysticial's answer is the most complete one –  Youssef Khloufi Dec 7 '11 at 16:36

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Although you didn't show us the declarations for all the types, I suspect this will fix the problem:

tree.levels = 1 + max(*(tree.leftNode), *(tree.rightNode));
b.levels = 1 + max(*(b.rightNode), tree);

Originally, you were passing pointers in when the max function expects references. Hence, a type mismatch leading to your errors. So you need to dereference your pointers as shown.

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That's the complete answer i was aiming for. Thank you –  Youssef Khloufi Dec 7 '11 at 16:35

You need to dereference your pointers:

tree.levels = 1 + max(tree.leftNode, tree.rightNode);

You're attempting to pass pointers to a method that takes references as parameters. Do:

tree.levels = 1 + max( *(tree.leftNode), *(tree.rightNode) );
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You should call max as:

max(*(tree.leftNode), *(tree.rightNode));

max(*(b.rightNode), tree);

Because the type of leftNode and rightNode is A*. The type of tree is A, so that is okay.

I would suggest you to change the parameter types of max from A& to A*, as it would make the code a bit more clean.

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