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I tried asking this on the gallio-users list, but the question failed to appear (Google Groups says the post was successful). I suppose the list might be moderated by someone who does not read his email very often :-) Seeing as SO has tags for both Gallio and MbUnit, I thought it was worth asking here.

I see the MbUnit front page mentions that they are keen on maintaining Mono-compatibility. There is also a >1-year old post on gallio-users saying that it does not work under Linux ( )

The project I want to test compiles fine under Mono if I remove the Parallelizable attribute. I can launch the Gallio control panel under Linux, but not Icarus or Echo.

Is there any way of running MbUnit tests under Linux? Something that uses the command line (like Gallio.Echo) and does not need Monodevelop would be especially helpful.

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