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I am not sure if my terminology is right, but here is what I want. I have an aspect that injects a Log field into certain types, here is the aspect code:

public aspect LoggingAspect {
  private interface HttpHandlerType {}
  declare parents: (@Path *) implements HttpHandlerType;

  private Logger HttpHandlerType.Log = Logger.getLogger(getClass());

  pointcut httpHandlerMethods(HttpHandlerType o) : within(HttpHandlerType+) && 
    execution(@(GET || PUT || POST || DELETE) public * *.*(..)) && this(o);

  before(HttpHandlerType o): httpHandlerMethods(o) {
    if (o.Log.isInfoEnabled()) {

  after(HttpHandlerType o) returning (Object result): httpHandlerMethods(o) {
    if (o.Log.isDebugEnabled()) {
      o.Log.debug(logMethod(thisJoinPoint, result));

  after(HttpHandlerType o) throwing (Exception e): httpHandlerMethods(o) {
    if (o.Log.isEnabledFor(Level.ERROR)) {
      o.Log.error(logMethod(thisJoinPoint), e);

  private static String logMethod(JoinPoint jp) {

  private static String logMethod(JoinPoint jp, Object result) {

The question is how the aspect subjects can make use of this field. For instance, here is a sample class affected by this aspect:

public class UserHandler {
  public User getUser(@PathParam("id") int id) {

The question is how the code of getUser can utilize the Log field injected by the aspect?


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Simply change the visibility of the log field from private to public and this should work.

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Thanks, in this example it is enough. However, there are problems in other cases - aspectj.2085585.n4.nabble.com/… – mark Dec 11 '11 at 16:32

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