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IIS does URL cleanup on directories by adding a trailing slash. See this old docs from IIS 6: IIS generates courtesy redirect when folder without trailing slash is requested

  1. Why? Is the intent still relevant?
  2. Any security implications?
  3. How can I disable it to make this work with a URL Rewrite rule "RemoveTrailingSlashRule"

When you add a rule under IIS 7.5 with URL Rewrite 2, the rule will not be applied to directories (using IsDirectory) and folders (using IsFolder).

See this warning on Add a rule to append or remove the trailing slash symbol: See this warning on Add a rule to append or remove the trailing slash symbol

This will create the RemoveTrailingSlashRule1: Edit Inbound Rule RemoveTrailingSlashRule1

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Sad to see there are no answers on this one. I'm running into it as well. Have you been able to find any workarounds or more information about this? –  Stephen McDaniel Apr 9 at 17:41
Sorry, been banging my head on this as well. I think the application is the problem, with IIS treating it similar to a website root requiring the trailing slash. I even tried a "scraping" page in the main website, that did a request/response from the sub site, but IIS seems to redirect before any rewrite rule has an effect, whether rules are at server or site level, whether IIS Rewrite or Helicon Ape, etc. –  goodeye May 18 at 21:46

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