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I'm trying to make a own reservation system I've already made the mysql tables. The struct of tables is: table object



table object_type    

table:object_data - This table contains all registered rooms, flats ect.


 1--------1 -----------2--------20


object_id is relation to objects table
type is relation to object_type id
value is how many rooms or flats has this object

table object_reservation.




[object_data_id] is relation to object_data table
[from] is start date reservation
[to] is end of reservation
[value] is how many rooms, flats are reserved

table object_price - Prices of the registered rooms for periods




[object_data_id] is relation to object_data table
[price] the price for this period

To here everything is ok. I'm a lite bit confusing with query

Im trying this query but i'm not sure is good or no

 IF(ISNULL(d.value - r.value), d.value, d.value - r.value) as available,
 site_object o,
 site_object_data d LEFT JOIN
 site_object_reservation r ON (r.object_data_id = d.id and r.from BETWEEN '2012-08-01' AND '2012-10-11'),
 site_object_type ot
 o.id = d.object_id
 ot.id = d.type
GROUP by ot.id

If there is reservation on given date this counting how many rooms are reserved and removed them from all, if the result is NULL that means there is not reservation for this period and It will return all available rooms.

I'm relay confused, if someone wants to looking for available rooms or flats by period and prices. And is that query is fast, because that query looking for available and unavailable.

Sorry if my English is not so good and thanks in advance.

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I'm not sure what your question is. –  Mike Dec 7 '11 at 18:23
Is this structure is good for that system, and how can i select available rooms, flats for given period and price –  Alex Dec 7 '11 at 18:26

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