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I am submiting a form which adds a new item to a table as well as updates a total value. The form is in a jquery dialog and below is the buttons option specified.

                buttons: {
                    Save: function() {
                        $.post(mysaveurl , $("#fee_form").serialize(),
                            function(data) { 
                                var $mydata= $(data);
                                var newremovefeeurl = "${removefeeNoIds}" + $mydata.find("td:last").attr("id");
                                $mydata.find("td:last").attr("id", newremovefeeurl);
                                $( "#totalfees" ).before($mydata);  
                                var mynewtotal = parseFloat($("#total").text()) + parseFloat($mydata.find(".cost").text());

       //var mynewtotalurl = $("#total").attr("updateurl");
       //$.post(mynewtotalurl , { newtotal: $("#total").text() } );
                        $( this ).remove();

The post simply adds a new table row to an existing table and updates the value stored inside the element with ID "total". No problem so far.

After reseting the "total" value with mynewtotal in the code. I the proceed to alert the contents of "total" which should be the new updated value. Insted, I get the old value even after it was updated.

I want to do another post as indicated by the commented code above.

please advise.

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It looks like:


should be


so that you're operating on the total, not the return of the jQuery function.

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@Binaryrespawn not to be rude to Jekke but this is exactly what I wrote earlier so I'm not sure why you disagreed with it then deleted your comment then accepted this answer instead. –  Terry Dec 7 '11 at 18:50

My guess would be this line is failing:

parseFloat($("#total").text()) + parseFloat($mydata.find(".cost").text())

What is the value of $mydata.find(".cost").text()?

Also for this line


I think you want


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I assumed it was a number, what I meant was you should alert the result of that expression (also with the parseFloat() wrapper) and see what comes out. Be careful with .val(), .text() & .html(). If you don't understand exactly how they work you may be getting unexpected results. –  Terry Dec 7 '11 at 18:46

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