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Im having a potential issue, or possibly a lack of patience, using keytool in the command line. Ive created a keyStore successfully and i also generated a certificate request successfully. But when I attempt to generate the certificate from the request it appears to hang.

In the command line this is all i get

C:\Users\Mark\Desktop\Assignment 9>keytool -gencert -keystore myKeys\myKeys.keys
tore -alias mr -v
Enter keystore password:
Enter key password for <mr>

I do not get a new prompt, it just sits there like that on the command line. SO i cancel it and tried again a few times with no avail. Ive also toook note that in the process manager there is a keytool.exe running. I'm not sure if this is a long process or not and if i should leave it to its self for a bit or if there is a command cause that may hang the command.

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Not very long - 5 sec max. Have you tried: 1. Look in handle.exe maybe somebody hold keystore? 2. Try another java version?

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When i use JDK6 i dont have an option for gencert. The code above was generated using jdk7 ive tried to recreate but the same happens with all keystores on gencert. –  meriley Dec 7 '11 at 19:03

Tripped on this too - had of course forgotten to supply the -infile parameter to specity the input CSR file, so keytool was sitting there waiting for input.

(There was a hint in the error shown when the command was forcibly aborted: keytool error: java.io.IOException: Encoding bytes too short.)

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