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I am running my simple little batch program:

@echo off

transform data_files\sql_dump data_files\sql_to_xml transformed_files\sql_dump_to_xml
transform transformed_files\sql_dump_to_xml data_files\convert_to_html_amt transformed_files\converted_to_html_amount html
transform transformed_files\sql_dump_to_xml data_files\convert_to_html_date transformed_files\converted_to_html_date html
transform transformed_files\sql_dump_to_xml data_files\convert_to_html_sperson transformed_files\converted_to_html_salesperson html
transform transformed_files\sql_dump_to_xml data_files\convert_to_fo transformed_files\converted_to_fo fo
fop transformed_files\converted_to_fo.fo transformed_files\converted.png
fop transformed_files\converted_to_fo.fo transformed_files\converted.pdf
fop transformed_files\converted_to_fo.fo transformed_files\converted.rtf

For some reason, all expected files show up, save for the last two. Why would that be?

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In windows, FOP is a BAT file and not an EXE file.

To invoke it from a batch file, you should

  1. either use CALL FOP or

  2. as an alternative you can run java -jar path/to/fop/fop.jar, relying on FOP to build the classpath for running FOP dynamically.

Read HELP CALL and read FOP documentation.

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