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I've found a property of my helper that I think will give me access to the properties of my model, but I was hoping to get an instance of the model itself. I have a view with a strongly typed Model. One property of the model, is a collection of other models (TestModel). I would like to render each of the items in the collection in a standard way. So, my view code would look something like this.

@foreach(var testModel in @Model.Items){

My helper looks something like this.

public static MvcHtmlString DisplayViewerFor(this HtmlHelper<TestModel> helper, Expression<Func<TestModel>> expression, bool rightAligned = true) {
        var modelData = helper.ViewData;
        var prop = modelData[""];
        var outterDiv = new TagBuilder("div");
        outterDiv.AddCssClass(rightAligned ? "item-display-right" : "item-display");

        //Create other markup using modelData here
        //Would prefer to use an instance of TestModel

        return new MvcHtmlString(outterDiv.ToString(TagRenderMode.EndTag));
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It sounds like you want a value, not an expression.

Extend the non-generic HtmlHelper class and take a raw TestModel instance as a parameter.

You only need an expression tree if you want to find out the property name.

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That answered more than just this one question I have concerning many of the issues I'm having. I need to find more info on the expression tree. I think I can find the solution to this question and more with your answer. Thanks @SLaks! – Jeff Reddy Dec 7 '11 at 20:57

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